In content marketing, to make customers do we must first make them feel.

Storytelling is intrinsic to humanity. It predates stone tablets and hieroglyphs, let alone smartphones and hashtags. The right combination of words, pictures and sounds can make us happy, sad, excited, fearful. They can educate, build trust, guide behaviour and inspire decisions.

Of course, you’re a marketer – you’ve heard this story before. But in amongst all of the content marketers content-marketing themselves into your LinkedIn feed, the emotional power of storytelling is too often overlooked in favour of formulas and process. Perhaps science is easier to write about than art. In practice, both are needed to create content that affects your customers and delivers a commercial effect.

There’s the science of social media, conversion metrics, audience personas and more, but then the art of storytelling – bringing together the words, pictures and sounds that will make your customers feel something, and then do something.

Infinite Shapes is a new kind of content marketing agency, with no legacy attachment to a single media channel. We focus on your brand, your audience and your objectives, and create content in whichever formats will achieve the best results. Our content-first approach can be woven through all of your marketing communications – web, social, print, DM and EDM, video, podcasts, ATL, in-store, PR, and more – bringing the art of storytelling to all of your customer touchpoints.

Simple processes, deep thinking

Content review

Content review

We can review all of your content activity, provide recommendations for improving performance and ROI, and identify new opportunities for making deeper connections with your audience. It’s easy for content strategy to become platform-led. Infinite Shapes brings the focus back to your audience, your objectives and measurable outcomes.

Content strategy

Content strategy

Infinite Shapes likes simple processes and deep thinking. Once we understand your brand, profile your audience (Who are they? Where are they? What’s important to them?) and know what you want to achieve, we can build a strategy for the creation and distribution of content that speaks to your audience in the right way, in the right places.

Content creation

Content creation

The best strategy comes to nothing without great content that moves its audience. We work with the best editors, writers, videographers and content producers in the relevant field to tell stories that your customers care about. And we constantly review and optimise performance. Infinite Shapes thinks like a publisher, so you don’t have to.

Stories work on people, affecting what people are able to see as real, as possible.

Arthur Frank

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key.

Charles Eames

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